Does your website display all of your work/projects?

It does not display everything, just a select few pieces of artwork. Anyone visiting the site has come to look at examples, but the aim is for visitors to just see some of the capabilities. There is no limit on the capacity to complete work on requested projects so all potential clients should be able to contact us and work out a suitable project plan. Also, using the many other social media platforms displays more of the work done by curvecfd.

How long does a project take to complete?

This is always dependent on the requirements of a project. If you ask for a simple illustration, it usually takes a week or 2, but if your request is for website build and development, it is most likely going to take 1-3 months – also dependent on what you want included (clients who have all images and text content ready to go, usually get their site constructed in less time). In general, just be very clear in what you require as not to go back and forth with the designer. This will also reduce any wasted time so more is devoted to your project completion.

Where are you based?

Taking the term ‘freelancer’ seriously so that the client request can be made available everywhere, but currently based in the UK. Travelling happens on a yearly basis to learn from and admire the different cultures around the world, and to also start new projects with clients abroad – curvecfd is open to global business and our contact details includes our phone number: +44(0)7929356959 and Skype: curve.cfd so use your preferred method to get in contact.

Do you have a price list?

There is no price list for distribution, as each project requirements will vary. However, your request will be carefully calculated, and you will be given a fair quote. Always feel free request a Project Specification Design Form* to briefly describe what type of project you would like to work with curvecfd on. You can also use the Contact section on the website to email directly.

Do you take on small jobs?

No job is too small – if you want a project completed at curvecfd, it will happen once agreed upon. Taking open requests not only shows new ideas potential clients come up with – a very eye-opening experience it also expands the growth of curvecfd. It is also exciting to work on projects that do not last as long as others – they are like a refresher to the workload.

Do you offer refunds?

Full details about refunds/payments can be found in our CCFD Terms of Service Use document – included with every Project Contract. If curvecfd mess up somewhere along the line, the client will be 100% compensated where due. There has not been any complications with work to date, but we are confident enough to handle any related situations as professional as possible.

*Please see here for the Project Specification Design Form guidelines:

  • Your Design (eg. Logo/Website):
  • Your Coulours (names/hex):
  • Your additional comments (if any):
  • Your Budget (estimate total price):
  • Your timeframe (estimate working weeks):

Please Note: All of the images posted on this blog are copyright of Curve Creative Freelance Design (curvecfd) – taking full credit for those that are posted to this blog (curvecfdblog.wordpress.com). However, if there is usage of a piece of artwork from another author, the source will be stated and 100% credit is given to the owner(s).


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