Those Coloured Pencils

Most of my recent artwork has involved me drawing andcolouring, outside the lines of course, to finish up project requests. But itreminded me of a time many, many years ago when this wasn’t the case. One thingI used to be afraid to use in my artwork was colour. A coloured pen, felt-tips,paints, you name it –  I never wantedthem to mix with any of my art at all.

I loved the traditional pencil on paper art so much that Iactually thought colour would ruin it. Now, I have so many different tools andthe collection has been growing over the years – from acrylics to charcoal. OnceI got over this though, my work stopped being limited and I was able to expressmyself a lot more – especially digitally as it was much easier for me to testthe colours, like a “try before you buy” type of situation. It alsotook me a while to get into digital drawing, but that’s another story for afuture post…

[this is a part of a piece called “Control Your Serenity” I recently found while looking for another document – watch video]

I believe now that this worked well to my advantage as mypersonal style is: minimalism saying a lot. However, colour to me makes a piecespeak much louder than intended and this is something about the process offinding your own art lanes, that’s most exciting. As you would do at time inlife, try something you’re not comfortable with a few times and see if it growson you. But don’t do this for standards set by anyone but yourself.


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