A Red Flag

…or a few, for that matter. When is enough, enough? When do you know that the job or project you’re working is not in line with your personal/business values?

I’m a part of a few WhatsApp business groups and in some of them, we engage in really productive discussions. One of the questions posed recently was “What do you do when someone has ripped you off?”

Through this experience, there are individuals who draw back out of business, but then others seek revenge – both different ends of the spectrum. There are also some who tend to tighten up their operations by making regular checks, following strict and rigid process and even doing some of the work themselves instead of delegating.

What is a healthy solution to this issue? There’s no one particular way to stop this from happening – whatever you choose to do, it just needs to fit your values and your vision, going forward.

Be sure to cover all aspects of your business or personal ventures – implementing things such as contracts, ensures you’ve taken measures of protection. The group came together with the overall response:

Never encourage revenge or hold a grudge because that does not help you at all – you may have already lost trust in that person/brand but you’ll exert more energy into them than your own business and that is definitely time and effort wasted. Explore methods to prevent it from happening in the future.


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