Fribourg, CH pt.2


After the Cathedral St. Nicholas visit and view from the top, we toured a bit more and ventured to Lausanne. Walked around the Blanchard Marina to see there were mountains in the distance and the many different styles of boats not only stationary but sailing along the waters.


We also came across a park and a life-size draughts (and chess) game board, which we couldn’t resits in playing. We stopped for food and then headed back to Fribourg for the late evening.


The next day we went across to Fablab Fribourg, an educational establishment that runs such things as design workshops. Learned a bit about 3D printing and model building, within the few hours we were graciously accommodated. Then we were given a few sample gifts to take away.


Our last day was a bit of a rush before the return flight so we didn’t make it to Bern as planned, unfortunately, but that’s the first place on the ‘visit list’ upon returning. It was a great trip overall, learning and working as well as relaxing.


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