Visiting Fribourg, CH


Switzerland was amazing. As much as the weather is not on the warmer side in late October, it is still very beautiful there. After landing in Zurich, we drove to the city of Fribourg to stay for a few days. This trip wasn’t going to be long but our schedule was set so we had the means to make the most of it.

Here we visited what became one of my favourite places, walking up 365 narrow steps to get to the top of Cathedral St. Nicholas. The view was amazing and you could clearly buildings, greenery, bridges and water in the distance.


This was a great space for me to be creative in and get a lot done. Being in a new environment has always been productive for me, not just being in a new country. I was able to relax here too, there was no rush to be anywhere or there being a demand for something to be completed, even though I had work to do.

A new experience came with eating the food, admiring the nightlife and also looking at the education system. We visited the University of Fribourg to talk with students about how their education system differs to the UK, and what types of careers are most popular to least there. A healthy discussion was had and then they proceeded to kindly show us around parts of Switzerland for the remainder of our time there.

There will be a part 2 to this and it will be the next blog post – the names of these places just gets better and better.


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