Another Break Time…

This topic will always come around with a need to be discussed. Taking a break from working, for many reasons included:

  • 1. To transition out/into something
  • 2. To readjust
  • 3. To reflect
  • There are many more reasons that are valid, but we can all agree that it is important to just sit back for a while. You don’t necessarily have to be working hard continuously, it’s just useful to allow yourself to slow down at times. As were not able to fully stop, we tend to relax – not open our laptops and leave our phones face down.

    My travel posts always come from experiencing a work/holiday period, where I’ve travelled to do some work. So not only allowing time to rest on a beach or in a museum, soaking up sun or culture.

    Challenge yourself to take a few hours once a week, take a half day or even a few days on a short break. See how you feel once you return to your workload and if it improves and you feel refreshed.


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