Are You Busy?


We’ve all responded to multiple calls, emails and texts with similar messages like “Sorry, I’ve been busy” or “I’m busy at the moment, can I get back to you”

But how many times do you mention or hear the word “busy” in your daily communications? We are all busy – it’s the doing of something/things in a constant state. So by this, you can technically be busy watching TV, sleeping or even staring at a wall. Think back to how many times you say it, hear it or see it mentioned in a day… has it lost its effect on you?

Time management is extremely important if you are trying to master a skill or become very much organised within your day-to-day progress. Your focus is usually on one thing or a set of related things so when you’ve completed that, you have something next on your list to start with the aim to tick off – so make lists, if you don’t already. Create them  for your entire days, not just work or personal.

Search online through the multitude of apps and websites for Project Management, Time Management and Planning tools that exist, most of which can do the job you require for free.

If you find yourself struggling to complete specific tasks, some great advice I received from my business mentor was “Do the important boring things first, then do the important fun things next – then tell me if you see a change in your productivity” and it has worked. I still don’t like having to do some things but now I don’t look at those things as a chore – they are important for a reason.

Furthermore, you can ask yourself questions like these about the particular things you’re doing:

  • Is this a priority to me?
  • Will I achieve the goal I’ve set out to achieve, if I keep doing this?
  • Can I complete this in a more productive way?

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