Bring Back Gaming


…Something I’ve needed to tell myself these past few weeks, due to seeing both my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sitting idle on my entertainment unit. As a lover of many forms of art, studying games design and other creative subjects, I sometimes neglect the very things that increase my creativity when the workload increases. I know I am not the only one…

Lately, to get my game *competitiveness* back up to speed, I have been playing NBA 2K17 (Xbox One) and FiFa 2018 (PlayStation 4) in the sports department, but very much lacking on the RPG side, as I await the next GTA instalment to come out. I was talking to a friend about this and he suggested I play “Red Dead Redemption 2”. I felt like I needed to play from the start, to get the full experience so instead of digging up my 360 or PS3 and purchasing the first copy, I’ll just let the game play run on YouTube, while I work away.

A few months ago, I even contemplated building a gaming PC from scratch, which could also double as a media storage unit for music and such. But I started to get ahead of myself by dreaming up a “Megatron” that I would have no time to really get the full benefits of right now, due to my current workload.

This is partially the reason why I had not played much games over the past few months – the lack of time I had after working on projects and studying. There is a need for a healthy work/play balance and gaming is one of those things I will be making more time for.

Feel free to drop me some game suggestions on either platform – I would also like to create a few “Play & Review” type blogs also.



Photo credits: Andrew Gahan (main image and 2nd image)


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