PC or Mac


I’m in the market for an upgrade so the purchase of a new laptop is happening sometime over the next few months – the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy. The search for a slightly better version than the one I currently use, is on – basically, something to run my design software and connect to the internet. I’ve always been a PC/laptop person as I’ve always a been able to complete the job at hand, with no issues.

“Don’t overload it with music and picture files or download things from unreliable sources…” – I’ve always been completely fine in the form of the latter (knowing the consequences) and I’m aware that a Mac can withstand a lot more in that department. I stuck to PC’s also due to pricing – I’ve found a few refurbished laptops that ended up costing a lot less and came with great spec, doing a bit more than what I’ve needed.

The thing is, I’ve always been tempted to get a Mac as I have all the other Apple products, and more than one of each in some cases.

Late last year I was headhunted for a Digital Marketing vacancy in a university, where one of the requirements were to ‘understand how to use a Mac’ for the design aspects of the role. I wanted to know how competent I had to be in that so I asked the hiring manager. The response I got was: “It’s not that important as we will be working on PC’s.” – so is it still necessary to be comparing the 2 or expecting a designer to use Mac exclusively?

Never try to meet expectation of someone who doesn’t even have their own defined expectations, based off facts and experience – especially in design. It’s hard work and really, you want to be working smart with suitable equipment to assist you through. I understand that there is a need for the use of specific Mac design software but if you are requesting it based off of the history of the ‘rivalry’, then you really haven’t done your research… major red flag.

Of course I’ll be doing a review of the laptop I get and I’m 95% sure it will be a PC – 5% is the curiosity to fully learn the ins and outs of a Mac and also have it sync easier with the other Apple products I own. But being used to an OS and everything working in a flow is what I am looking for right now.


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