More Stock Images


This time, the focus is on websites that are for Birmingham based businesses. In the city centre, with each shot capturing some of the things that could easily pin point where I was, I want to always display a general appearance of any city I take pictures in. Even you could tell me the location of that pedestrian crossing or what the name of that landmark is – most of us see these things every day.

As a Birmingham based business, and meeting more and more business owners here, I see similarities on websites and in their additional content. It’s funny because I wrote this, then met someone who is about to start up a new company, very recently, and we discussed this. He actually requested that he would like his own stock images and not have to use the same free images that he has seen on at least 5 different websites.

I encourage this, get yourself a photographer who will go out and take the pictures you need or they already have some in stock to give you the rights to – make sure you are given exclusivity on these images.

My requests for stock photography range from landscapes of cities and landmarks to jewellery and clothing. You can also refer back to this post I wrote in 2015, that is still useful and can be applied today.


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