Travel Planning 2018


There are a few places on my list to visit this year but in a week, I will be travelling to somewhere in Europe. Undecided between 3 cities or how long I will be there for, but I will take at least a few days in a new environment to connect with the different art, artists and their culture.

Planning travel takes time in figuring out where to go, what to do, and how long to do it for. Some of the places I travel to will be split for half working and half relaxing, and some will be just for the art and photography work.

It can help you a lot if you are able to come out of your regular environment – for me it is to be better inspired – so I encourage and champion travelling. It does not have to be to somewhere half the way around the world, a simple trip to a library, coffee shop, somewhere that is not a regular occurrence for you can open your eyes to the different surroundings.


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