Art In January


The main focus of last month was the 2018 London Art Fair. As always, I do not look at the featured artists list, I like to go in with fresh eyes, thoughts and welcome the feeling of being made speechless by multiple areas covered in art work.

One artist I was most excited to see more from was Hwang Seontae, with the tempered glass, sandblast and LED backlit piece (pictured above). I turned around and there it was, and I am very sure I froze for a second – the creativity in how the piece is constructed is what I enjoy about it most – there is a range angles where the light comes through. Previously blogged about Hwang Seontae’s work in 2015 and this is still just as stunning as when I saw the first set of pieces then. The artwork by Emily Allchurch – London Babel (After Breughel)  was also featured, and reminded me of the 2015 show.

My pictures do not do these any justice (partially because the lights reflect heavy in them and that I did not use my DSLR) but the show was great, from the exhibit to the talks and walking tours – I took so many pictures, there was just so much to see and capture. We stood and discussed a lot of the pieces, where there were some great questions raised.

Also, there were art pieces in the form of sculptures that I took interest to – I usually only fixate mostly on the illustrations, photography and paintings. But each year, this show seems to help grow my love for art and the amazing creations others develop and are kind enough to share with the world.

As always, if you ever get the chance to go to the week long show, please visit the London Art Fair and see exactly what I am talking about.


Featured images:

Hwang Seontae – “The Sunshine Room”

Deborah Azzopardi – “Through My Eyes”

Loraine Rutt “Modern Molyneux: Solid Ground”




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