Still Using Tutorials


One major training method I used quite often when I was first developing my design skills were tutorials, on how to produce a specific piece of art. It has been a while since I actually followed one, until recently.

A tutorial I tried yesterday was posted on the Adobe Creative Magazine site, nearly a year ago. Finding a tutorial should suit your needs – if you are trying to achieve a certain look to your artwork, you will find timeless examples to follow. I have to admit, I did rush the pencil illustration part (part 1) for examples to put in this blog – the plan is for this to be completed digitally:

As we know, a key part of growing your skills is practice (and patience) and that develops the branches of your style(s) of artwork. Tutorials can also inspire your creativity, as well as give you a guideline to follow.


Here is the full tutorial with clear step-by-step actions. I followed through the illustration directions but I then thought of another way to finish off this piece – I will post on Instagram soon.


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