Mountain of Photography


July was a nice month for good weather, and I happened to have something planned on the weekend where decent weather followed. Camping trip with hikes and walks in the Lake District was different from normal but welcoming experience.

Day 1: Hiking up a mountain and the name of that particular one escapes me at this time – this is where I wanted to get the photography opportunities – it was hot but the air and the view of the lake was amazing from each point increasing up the mountain.


Day 2: Took a mine tour and learned about the history of it. The surrounding area was just a beautiful as the inside of the caves, but I did not bring my DSLR and used the camera on my mobile phone. One of the things was that they had plans to have an orchestra play to an audience regularly, which is partially why there are renovations going on.

This post is to basically showcase some images to entice others to visit this extremely lovely place. It could be local place to you as it was to me, but even if it isn’t, it will hopefully encourage you to either visit or find your own similar space – to hike, to relax, to take pictures.

Map of Travel in Lakes


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