A Replacement Printer


Having some ink left over from an old printer played a small part in a decision to replace it, with the exact same model. The EPSON WorkForce 7610D turned out to be an extremely useful printer in my case: The WiFi printing, you do not need wires to print. The ability to scan in A3 documents. The USB printing that has been introduced a few years before.


I had no need to reinstall anything and I do not recall using the provided discs the first time around. For general printing, I use the Eco setting and save “15% of toner” each time. When my sketches are on A3 sheets, this makes it much more simple to scan in as a PDF or JPEG.

Ink replacements for this printer are extremely cheap and can be purchased in multiples online. I remember about 6 or 7 years ago I had an A4 Canon printer that would not let me scan documents on to my laptop, while it was out of ink. But also, the ink was around £20 for black and £25 for colour – much more expensive – and as a university student on top of designing, I was buying them regularly.


The only negative point I have of this piece of equipment is all the additional paper (instructions) that comes with it, as it defers you to online documents anyway.

A recommended investment, and there are many more bonuses to purchasing one of these – one of my favourite things I have used this for was to print some A4 colouring card designs out for an exhibition last years, and they came out great.


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