Flux Con 2017


Very, very overdue and brief post about the Birmingham Flux Convention 2017 event by AfroFlux, held at the Hippodrome over the 3rd weekend in May. I attended on Sunday 21st and it was explained to me that it was the first ever event of its kind.

The creatives who had tables/booths were very interesting to speak with – a lot of insight taken away from the con. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of those with a much bigger picture, and great back stories that followed.

Not only artwork was advertised, but a screening of TV series pilot by a group of  very talented people. Before I arrived, there were graffiti artists creating some pieces around the local area and about 30 minutes before I left, the B-Side Hip-Hop Festival had started.

Look out for this event next year, as I expect it to be one of the many annual events needed in Birmingham, for the art scene.

I had to leave quite a bit out of this so you can go read up on that info for yourself – it was a great event and I encourage art enthusiasts to get involved in 2018.


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