Those Ideal Breaks


Taking a holiday, a break or declaring some timeout from work is 100% recommended. Time to reflect and refresh is key to personal and professional growth, and it does not matter if you travel half way across the world or just shut off all your devices and curl up in bed to do it – just being still for a good period of time is extremely useful.

Currently sitting in a Portuguese cafe typing up this blog and I do not think I have ever felt so stress free – definitely not like this in the longest time. I have managed to get quite a bit of work done also, and I still have 5 days left here. The rooftop view of where I am staying is nice to relax on throughout the day, and the 5 minute walk to where I can see parts of the coast and one of the docks is just as beautiful.

Walking through the cobbled Algarve streets in the city of Faro, there are some walls covered in graffiti. I was not at all expecting this but it was a nice surprise. The only other work I will be doing here is photography, as that is a staple of every one of my holidays and on out of town travels.

I have a backlog of visits to share on here and they will continue to come, with pictures. Much more travel plans for later this year. Take time for you, rest and refresh, and be ready to get back to whatever you were doing better than ever.

No more work for me now, until Monday – the remainder of this week will consist of mostly sleeping, eating and getting a lot of fresh air and sun.


(photograph taken – ‎28 ‎March ‎2017, ‏‎18:50:58)


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