Setting Artwork Timeframes


Sometimes I have the ability to start and finish a piece within 8 hours and other times it’s more like 8 weeks, or even months. This only goes for personal projects, I will always try to complete these with a given deadline within a month.

It is all down to poor self management – unless it is for a client, it is either left until the last minute or sometimes never finished. One of the reasons for this is me being very specific about a final piece. The need for it to be perfect sometimes gets too out of hand, like I would be extremely disappointed once I finish it.

I have slowly become better over the years but I still suffer with completing some pieces within timeframes set – even having artblock over for multiple breakfasts, lunches and dinners. What I have managed to do now is to see what positives come from me completing it and the impact it will have to my portfolio. I take the time to observe the progress made on something like an A3 portrait now and also embrace the finished piece, rather than not think about any of it which eventually leads to the prolonged completion.

As I cannot always rely on client work to use in my portfolio, due to permissions or diversity of the project, I will always have to rely on myself to produce a specific piece of artwork. One of the most motivating things is realising the work actually put into a piece you have decided is a final version, and placing it alongside the previously completed pieces of your artwork.



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