100 Words Selection


A friend of mine made the suggestion to “write any 100 words, and when you need some inspiration just pick one out at random”, as previously mentioned in another blog. This suggestion came from something that they were going to do themselves.

I had seen something similar to this but had never got around to attempt it. But as I build my 2017 portfolio, I was searching for new ways to challenge myself and to see what different types of artwork I could create, creating in this way.

As well as additional challenges like the Colour Collective or Inktober, it is a good idea to help yourself create more ways to push you to a different level of where you are at currently – even though you have chosen these words, it may still surprise you on what word you actually choose.

I try not to heavily rely on challenges placed by others, as this is not really testing my full ability to create – I have been doing illustration of the month to give myself the span of that specific month to put pencil to paper, start and complete an A3 illustration. I did this last year and I have continued it into this year. It definitely has given me the scope to look at something for 28+ days and decide on the differ0ent ways to complete it


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