Colour Collective 2017


So last year, I did not use or post for all the colours for the year. I think I started to fade away around November, and at times I was posting way past some of the deadlines, weeks late in some cases – I basically felt that I had fallen so far behind that I just stopped with it altogether.

Starting out with a new gameplan for this year has helped develop a better resolution for completing all colours of this year, starting with:

  • Adding it to my Art Goals – “Complete every colour collective on 2017”
  • Counting each completed piece as a cntribution to the next Art Book
  • Writing out 1oo words to pick from random to aid the piece completion

I now have 100 words in a jar and I will pick one out at random to match with the colour, if I need some inspiration to complete the piece. There will be a full blog post on how the idea of the 100 words came about – look out for it.




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