Sketch Book 24/7


Some of the best advice I ever received from a friend, was to: “Carry a sketch book with you, wherever you go.” and it has always come in handy. When you can take it out of your bag or flip it open onto a desk and just start, it is so comforting to know that you can draw in your daily environments, and whenever you choose to.

I remember having art block for a couple weeks once and every so often, I would pull the sketch book out and just scribble something down, now and again. Even as nothing that I would call completed came of the actual efforts I gave during that period of time, the sketch book was there and that was what mattered. I actually went back over those same pieces and managed to turn some into new pieces – this is the process I will be detailing in my next Artbook.

My collection comes in all different ages, sizes, colours, thickness, paper quality and there is at least 1 page unused in each – not sure why I started this doing this throughout the time I have been illustrating, but I do not draw on the very first page in any of my sketch books.

Going back through old sketch books is also a great experience. You see how far you have developed and it also gives you new ideas from old thoughts – it is one of my favourite things to do now and again. However, I will still pull a piece of plain paper from the printer and doodle on it or even use a post-it note, but nothing beats a sketch book that you can fill up with your ongoing thoughts and ideas.


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