Magical Lantern Festival


Last year we went to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, to see what I can only explain as being a wonderful outdoor art exhibit. Not only was this a great photography opportunity for me, I learned some things along the way. The event is constructed based on Chinese culture and heritage, it was all colourful and unexpected – but in a good way.

This Magical Lantern Festival also incorporated some Christmas themed designs – the overall art displayed was just fascinating at every turn. People of all ages walked the whole exhibition, some even did it twice because there was plenty to see and, it is set to be back again later this year between November and January 2018.

Having wanted to be in the company of those who will traditionally light lanterns and release them, this was a different but extremely enjoyable journey of another side of lanterns. If you are interested in these kinds of things, I would encourage you to go – it is a wonderful atmosphere, and you will get some great night and lights photography.

Visit: Magical Lantern Birmingham


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