Artbook: Part 1


This is a collection of some of my favourite artwork, with description behind some of the pieces. Being the first of many I want to print, it will definitely change a little each time to reflect specific pieces. My style of art is to:

1) draw a quick sketch of what I want, with notes (known as “scribbles”)

2) build on that sketch and develop a few drafts from it

3) create a final piece but keep drafts and develop other pieces from those

So I will have a story to tell, each and every time I start until I finish my artwork. The key for these artbooks is that I will only describe the pieces that have  meant a lot to me, and this is not to say that my artwork is not always important. It is just that there is sometimes more of a struggle with some and it is overcome, or there is something that starts one way and ends up another. Those are the things I like to document as they do not happen as often, I will usually get the result I have aimed for so no dramatic changes are involved.


This particular design speaks on how I managed to create something out of nothing. I had created this as a ‘filler’ for my old website and it was used as an icon. I made it so small that when I tried to blow it up, it was pixelated – genius, so I had to recreate it. It was for something temporary and I thought I would get it done quicker if it was on such a small scale, but it took me so long to remember what I did that it became frustrating to complete. I eventually did it and it was such a relief, and also a reminder to never create something so small ever again – no matter its purpose.


The superhero and supervillian fan art I created was a challenge I gave myself and set each to be completed within a restricted timeframe. I would post the background on social media before I had even decided how I was going to complete it, adding that element of surprise/see what happens next to the developments. I plan to do another set in the future, there are many more comic book characters to choose from.

The start to finish process of creating artwork is amazing, the ability to create something with the wide range of tools, from imagination with inspiration and determination. That is one of the main things I love and enjoy about art, it is just an enjoyable experience, every single time – even the hard times, as you learn and grow from those also.


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