Visiting Passo Tonale, IT


The tone I set about taking holidays will never change: take them when you can, and make the most of them. It doesn’t matter if you take 1 day or 20, or if it is spent in a bed or even on the other side of the world. Rest, relax and refresh yourself doing things you will enjoy.

I like to read, I enjoy sleeping and now I love to snowboard. I went to Italy with a group of friends for over a week, something I had never had the opportunity of doing previously and by the end of our session on day 5 we were allowed to go out alone. I got extra comfortable, once I could put on my headphones and enjoy snowboarding in the powder at my own speed.

Some of the things we do have more than one end goal, so think about what you could do and how it can improve you and your state of mind. I try to take up new activities to get a different feel of enjoyment, and the ones I enjoy most will stick.

There will be more visits coming up, there is still a lot to see and take in.


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