Using A Tripod


Getting equipment for anything can sometimes become expensive.Then once you have all of what is required, you end up having to bring it around with you at all times. Tripods are great for photography, along with such things as a flash, multiple batteries and SD cards.

Recently, I have been using this tripod a lot more regularly, because of the projects I have been working on. Went to a few locations to do these shoots and it was easy not to have to try and become extremely still, just to get the perfect shots. It comes in handy, especially when you need to set your camera to a setting like (1/60th or 1/500) and obtain multiple shots within the hour.

The tripod was bought because it is mostly needed to secure the camera in position for some motion shots, and when working with models – and if you want to use the exact same background but different poses in the picture to later edit in Photoshop.

It has such things as adjustable height – in multiple places, change of angle so the camera can sit securely landscape or portrait, and a level to help you find the balance of the tripod. So some very useful features to have assisting you through its use.


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