Schedules And Breaks

The best advice I received recently was to prepare a workload for your own capabilities, meaning that you should work at rates that are most effective for you only. Be vigilant to what you are doing and how long you do it for and then measure how effective the input is, when you decrease or increase the time you spend on it.
Of course tiredness and general focus to things will be a factor. If you are tired, for instance, you will not be as focused as you want and may make spelling mistakes or leave an unnecessary layer in your Illustrator document, when saving to PDF. It is the same as when we just don’t have the effort to put into something, we wouldn’t consider that fit for purpose and believe it.

As my clients know, I will be on holiday from tomorrow, May 20th – 27th and I will be taking a break from working on anything. I can’t mentally stop working but I will not be picking up emails and such, over this time, to actually enjoy the holiday and rest.

I will be posting about holidays and continuing the “In My City” project as I arrange all the images, and notes from previous holidays and trips too. Look out for those, as well as Instagram posts with photographs.

Take a day or week for yourself to just refresh your priorities, goals and anything else important for you to achieve. Just come back and try to look at it from another angle.


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