Exhibiting Artwork: April 23rd 2016


Kerisha Collins of curvecfd, along with fellow artist and friend Corey Braggs, will be exhibiting some selected artwork at the same table on Saturday, April 23rd 2016. The Birmingham Comics Festival will be held at the Edgbaston Stadium, 9am (early bird) 11am-6pm (but please check times as I have seen a change in these).
We will both be there contributing to the comic world, with our different artistic takes on characters, but we will also be displaying some of our own artwork. Included in this will be some collaborative work, along with some extras and bonus things that you can also take home. We are listed on the ‘Exhibitors‘ page as:
Come and find us if you are attending. When/if we find out which section our table is placed before the event starts, we will send this out on all social media to make it easier to locate us. This is actually a first, for the both of us, so we have been preparing work for a while. We’re really looking forward to spending the day amongst like-minded people at this event.
Useful links: From 33% off ticket with Groupon
*Image (2) source:  The Birmingham Comics Festival webste

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