Attending Art Events


Attending any kind if networking or showcase event is great. Attending an art event, to be specific, is progress into your field or artwork. You will not always get the same reception at every event because it will depend on what is on offer and what you take from the event on a whole, but getting and gaining exposure can work to your advantage here, if done correctly.

This topic has possibly been documented on this blog, however briefly before, but it is just so important to write about once again. Speaking with others about their creative process and you responding in turn, creates a great situation for learning and growing. On one hand, you will learn new process that may benefit you and on the other, you may give someone a few ideas on how to improve theirs.

Either way, making yourself visible in these spaces is the best thing you can do to market yourself. Project what you want to achieve around the room and you will be able to reciprocate. At curvecfd, we try to attend as many available in the year. Some are annually, while others pop up multiple times and all over the country. We travel as well attend those in our town, so keep an eye out to any of the events you may find useful.

Image: VOC Expo / London Art Fair / MCM Comic Con

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