The Colour Collective


Looking for something new to do with your designs this year? Why don’t you try a painting class, an art walk, or even just submit your contributions to a selected theme on social media. As with the Inktober project that we took part in last year, this year began with another project in design submission called the “Colour Collective”.

The rules are: Any theme, any medium. Post together Fri 19.30 GMT.

Each week on the following Saturday, a new colour is posted to their twitter account (@clr_collective) and all you have to do to participate is use the selected colour, in any part of your design. You are encouraged to submit your weekly piece, by just posting on a responsive social media channel and using the hashtag #Colour_Collective. You can also use it to look at other submissions, from all over the world. Our submission will be the 3rd and posted on the curvecfd Instagram, on Friday, February 5th.

We will be on the look out for more, related social media events like these for you to get involved in. So be sure to look out for more posts like these, from this blog.


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