A New Year

As mentioned in a previous post with planning projects, some you can control by picking a date and a time frame in which to complete it.

We get clients during any day of the week and when we get down to discussing project completion details, we set it from the date in which the client would like it started from. These are projects you will have 50/50 control over, if you decide to take them.

However, looking at art projects for self or company growth, like developing a portfolio can be started 100% on your own terms. There is no shame in setting the new year as the time/date to start this project, and even though we are 7 days in, it is still January.

There is always that example of people who show that bringing in the new year, leads to motivation at high levels and we suggest you capitalise on that. It will get you started and hopefully compel you to follow through.


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