90 Day Projects

A way to test something like your discipline, ability or skill in something, can be made useful if you do this for 90 days straight. It will only matter to you how many hours per day you dedicate to that day of designs, but it is said that the average is around 2-3 hours. In experience, practice makes perfect so you can use this time frame to set your self a deadline or to practice skills you would like to improve.

Test things like pens and pencil types, Photoshop or Illustrator brushes, or using a tablet and see if you can build on that from the 90 days that follows. Once it is complete, that does not mean it has to be the end of the project, unless it is actually the end you have set. You can extend to another set of days, weeks or months, if you feel you will need it.

Preparation tips:

  • Set your dates in a calendar and set checkpoints to check progress (write these down, use electronic calendar, etc…)
  • Write out what you aim to achieve in the 90 days (improve digital illustrations of cars, complete a story in calligraphy, etc…)
  • What tools you will be using (pens, paper, computer, etc…)

This is just a guideline of things to include, as you may feel that you prefer one method of working over another, or even change your outcome and aims for the project.


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