Art Feature: st_rani


Welcome to this new blog post format that we will be starting. These posts will include featured works from other artists, and we are more than enraptured about having this post as our first issue, of many we have planned to come. We would like to introduce to you, the artist known as st_rani:


Seeing the growth of this work prompted us to make contact with Rani and after hearing what we wanted to do, she accepted with no obligations. The response was very warm and welcoming and it has been great to get to know Rani, over this very recent but influential time. As mentioned before, we at curvecfd do not see other artists as our competitors, more as individuals who can somewhat understand what we are working through, together, and also offer the opportunity for collaborations such as this.

To be quite honest when I started this I started this I didn’t have any intentions…


Rani is the perfect example of someone who has gone for something without thinking that the outcome would have such an impact, and managed to create something of this particular nature. We fully support and promote this kind of mindset about artwork because you never know where it will lead, so all you can do is go out and do it. Seriously… you just need to do, with whatever tools you want. Trial and error is just one of the ways you learn. Learn new styles and formats in how to create and present your art pieces. You will end up connecting with a specific type of audience, those who can relate to your artwork and engage, as we have done with Rani.

I really do love when people are touched in some way by my art posts. It does mean a lot to me.


This type of artwork is through drawing on personal experiences and interpreting it through these illustrations, along with supporting text. Some of these may resonate with viewers, with how exact Rani has been to illustrate – in both senses of the word – and others may see a completely different outcome. Just as long as you feel something, the artwork is there for you to admire not abide by, and that is the amazing thing about art. The general interpretation is made for you as the viewer, because the artist has already let you know how they feel about it.


Rani has progressively grown into one of the Instagram accounts we look forward to seeing a post from, as we scroll through our feed. The work of st_rani first came about when we followed the Instagram account, possibly over a year ago. It may have been found through a tag search or looking at a profile of one of our likes, but it is just amazing how you make these finds in life.

curvecfd5As this is a new project post for curvecfd, we will be aiming to achieve one per quarter/every 3 months so as to continue this throughout the years to come. We are looking forward to the coming features that will be posted in time and we will keep you updated on this project, as much as we possibly can.

Find more of Rani’s artwork by visiting the main source, Instagram and more of her work/info can be found on Twitter.


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