It’s Inktober Time


October 1st is a date for an art activity project, known as Inktober. It takes place over the entire 31 days of October and all you have to do to take part, is to create in ink. What you create is up to you, and you will possibly find discipline and structure from starting a new project, with this kind of time-frame and reward. However, you can set out to do 1 big project that you add a significant part to every day, or even do an ink piece every other day of October.

Here at curvecfd we will be trying a range of things with inks, and our posting schedule on social media will be showing more of this over the duration of the month. We have started ours with the image above, only 30 more to go.


A great reference point for this Inkober project is to find as many INKTOBER hashtags as possible, and use any possible search engine results.


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