First Graphic Designs


As with anything else creative that curvecfd has given tips on, just go for it – and find your own style. There are many things you will be looking at when you first start out, such as, what software? Do I need a tablet? For your first sets of graphic designs, experiment with brushes, filters, fonts, images, and the list goes on, just shape and mould all that is accessible to you in the software.

Sign up to design blogs and organisation websites, and get tips and information sent direct to your email. There are also sometimes the opportunity that you will receive some free, and very helpful related things. You can also go and download free brush sets, fonts and even stock images. Magazine subscriptions can help too, some even have CD, books and other giveaways in each issue.

Once you have got the basics down, you can then move on to experimenting with such things as software’s and tablets that you feel may aid you better. But we would advise you play around with the tools you have first, and experience design from your perspective. Another thing would be to find courses online that will help you learn and practice skills, there are so many of these out there also.

To give some idea about the types of training you can find online, for Adobe users, visit Train Simple for Adobe software training.


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