The Workload Breaks


Taking breaks are useful for when you take on any activity, to refresh or temporarily relieve yourself. This follows on from the last blog post about workflow, and being organised in what you do. Some projects are long, some need much attention to detail and research done on them, but from experience, being able to leave it and come back gives a new perspective on it as a whole. If you are not organised or developing a project with a clear mind, it could make a big difference to the outcome in a negative way.

Having an 8 hour working day, working from home, can be split into whichever hours you choose. It does not have to be a 9 to 5, but even if it is, breaks can be broken up into however you feel comfortable. Then you also have the option of taking days of leave from from your work. This can be not working on any projects and leaving your laptop off and emails unanswered for a few days. Or, you can take a trip out of the city for multiple days or weeks.

Advice is to always take breaks, take time for yourself to relax and work on creating a neutral balance between work and personal care.


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