The Workload Sync


As you work, you may need to organise events, backup work or even send documents to another team member. There are more than enough apps out there to help the business flow run smoothly, establishing that there is a lot to be done and minimising the transfer or work rate. Some of the ones we found very useful are in the form of apps and hardware.

The Apple products have developed their hardware which can be used to sync images, notes and any other apps linked to accounts. It is useful for uploading to social media, by taking a picture on the phone and then being able to upload on the tablet. The devices must be connected to perform this but it is a simple change to options on the devices:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
Documents are probably 50% of this shared workflow, so the use of such methods that can transfer these comes in very handy:
  • Copy (*app & website)
  • WeTransfer (*app & website)
  • Dropbox (*app & website)
  • email (*app & website)
Organising and planning is another big essential but this is for every company. Being able to create discussions and use images and links for support is a very useful tool:
  • Evernote (*app & website)
  • Trello (*app & website)
  • Calendar (*app & website)

The list goes on but these are the ones found most useful in times of need. Choose by which hardware is most convenient and affordable for your business, and remember that some apps on each platform will sometimes be at a charge. For curvecfd, this can all happen on the synced devices when on the go.

*knowledge for Apple Store apps


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