Selling Your Originals

Before completing a contract for a client, there is the option to depart with the final product and files. There are so many different copyright laws and uses that you can include with your designs and photographs. These laws definitely vary to the country you operate in, but they will usually have the same general underlying rules as other countries. Sometimes, clients will request the files, and as the designer, you have the right to decline or fulfil their request This can be done as an additional item for the total price, or at an additional price to the specification and this should all be specified in the contract.

Along with the copyright laws, there are the options to sell drafts, files and final products. There are a lot of points to consider when selling any part of a design or photograph, so make the right choice by deciding what the best options are.

In an example of selling your original, you would identify that the client is purchasing the “exclusive rights” to the project. This means, as the designer, you are giving up all rights to question any edits/amendments made to the project, once both parties have agreed upon the sale of the project.

However, artists/creators value their work at such a capacity that this would never be an option. Either option is fine, just be sure that it is the best decision for you and your business.


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