Light Box Illustrations


This is what saves the curvecfd team a lot of time, when clients request variations of illustrations. The following will consist of a demonstration of how typography works with a set of varied illustrations, with the use of a light box and how the end image would be worked out.


Starting with a base in pencil and then going over it in pen, so you do not struggle when you are trying to follow the lines. This is the initial layer, the guideline for the multiple variations you plan to create.


Next is the first variation you create to be possibly included in the final image. Once that is done, if you feel something can be passed on to one of the other variations, you just go over it in pen and align it with the initial layer.


Continue to work with your variation ideas. No matter how many you want to test, you will never affect the initial illustration.


This is what we ended up with, for this illustration example. 2 different variations that will now be combined into one illustration.


There you have the initial illustration and the variations, combined into one illustration. This is sometime how it works out when processing ideas. Other times just additions to the initial illustrations will be made. However, you can always continue to make changes, edit the image digitally and see what other variations you can come up with.


Working with the light box makes the workflow feel much more efficient, when a request for different versions is given. Light boxes are easy to acquire, and they come in different shapes and sizes. We would very much recommend one, if you feel this is the type of situation you will face often.


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