Building Design Portfolios

As long as the content is there, you are good to go. This post comes from someone questioning their sketching process, after reading the curvecfd PDF on Illustration/Drawing. Usually it is for the need to show when in meetings with a potential client/contract, but in this case, it was a general ask about the mess a sketchbook can contain. The advice given was to use that – use it all, those are all potential illustrations so keep them.

Currently working on getting some prints made and updating as often as possible, this enables multiple platforms of where the curvecfd artworks can be seen. Even posts of ‘before’ and ‘after’ are being made over on Instagram, to show an insight to some of the processes used when doing a range of designs.

You do not to spend a lot of money on this nor do you need to do this every month. You just need to have decent quality work in the form of online or print (book or photograph) form. Create mock ups, always ask for project ideas and then play with them so that you have something you can build off. If you work with multiple items of design, such as photography and illustration, you may want to put everything in order, filed and grouped in subject areas.

More information can be found in the 3 individual PDFs, available on request when you email info@ccdcltd,com and quote “Computer Maintenance”, “Illustration/Drawing” or “Website Building”.


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