DYR: Recommended Books


These books were recommended, in the categories of when business and personal progression mixes. This is inevitable as you, a person in a business – whether self-employed or employed – will use your instincts to complete tasks/projects based on such things as personal emotions and attachments. These emotions and attachments can stem from sticking to guidelines set in the workplace, following rules or doing things that work well or generate the best possible outcome. The books are:


  • Steve Bennett – “Let Me Go Gem Hunting” (2014)

Main theme: Business (Self-Employment and Employment)

Brief Overview: Steve Bennett revisits steps he took to get to where he is today, with this journey of early entrepreneurship, business failures and philanthropy. With an accompanying extract by Sir Richard Branson, along with joint ventures between the two, this book is great for reading into anothers experience into the business world. Very useful if you are interested in starting up a business or are just interested in the stages of progression of ones life.


  • Lynda Holt – “Are YOU In The Way Of Your Own Success?” (2012)

Main theme: Business and Personal growth

Brief Overview: Lynda Holt has written, in depth, about the excuses we make as humans to do or not to do something, outlining that this is something we must all overcome to see greater benefits to life. These setbacks are usually common ones and here, it explains how your personal life excuses, will always effect those made in your professional world too. With strategic thinking and diagrams to truly explore points made, this details how not only you can but how people have gotten out of their own way to be successful, and built thriving companies.


  • Paul Dolan – “Happiness By Design” (2014)

Main theme: Personal growth (Human behaviour)

Brief Overview: Paul Dolan expresses the clear message of how to become a happier version of yourself in this publication. Focusing on finding the balance between pleasure and purpose, this contains diagrams and examples of how to achieve such a positive state of mind. The introduction alone is very interesting and the author also opens up about his own personal triumphs.


To obtain a copy of any of these books:

  • (Book was bought at a talk, held by Steve) Contact the Steve Bennett Facebook Page.
  • (Book was bought at convention stall, run by Lynda) Contact Lynda Holt via website or find it on Amazon.
  • Check the Waterstones website (other bookstores) for Paul Dolan’s varied forms of this book.

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