Magazine Subscription Pick


Going with the subscription package of NPhoto was the more appropriate decision for curve, when the camera used for photography is a Nikon. This magazine has a lot of great and useful articles and always comes with a bonus in the form of additional information on a disc. This edition contains videos that help with shooting macros on a budget, seeing through your object, having fun with stencils and how to use HDR properly.

The content of the magazine is always formulated to show a range of things such as examples of an article on sports photography, from a professional and their apprentices point of view:Small-Sports There a range of photographs showcased from photographers around the world, in a section called Lightbox:




Going through the disc in detail with tutorials and creative Photoshop skills:


A follow up to above, an actual Photoshop editing tutorial, working to capture a high contrast scene. To do this, you would need to combine several images into one HDR conversion, and there is a step-by-step guide on how to do this:


There is helping hand, if you need to sell your old or unwanted photography equipment with their hassle-free service:


You can find out about new hardware and software, along with where to buy such items from:




And there is also a testing section. This gives feedback on testing equipment when taking pictures in different formats and general hardware tests. Such things like these will help determine whether this equipment may be right for you, and what you aim to do with your photography:



This magazine is very informative and useful tips have already been taken on board. Please see the post: Photography Magazine Subscription to find out more about these creative magazines and where you can get them. If you are interested in NPhoto magazine, follow them on twitter: @NPhotomag to get a sense of what they are about, before you make a purchase.


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