Visiting Amsterdam, NL

InMyCity_AmsterdamAmsterdam is the destination for this “In My City” post. There were so many things to do when visiting that the decision has been made to just show instead of tell. Some of the photographs highlighted during this trip include the neon signs on and inside buildings, the flower market, some of the many methods of travel, the canals, the waffles, and the general scenery. The images below were just a few of the shots taken, whilst in Amsterdam:

NeonLightsFlowerMarketTransport1 Transport2 Waffles



A bonus image of returning to the UK:


Another thing while travelling here was to find what types of things you can do, and at a discount. Visit Destination Coupons for one of the many websites that offers discounts for tours, visiting attractions, museums, etc… The short list made here doesn’t even display half of what Amsterdam has to offer. The seasonal events are also definitely something to attend, and they happen all over The Netherlands.

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