London Art Fair

HwangS-LARGESunday, January 25th was a day scheduled for visiting the 2015 London Art Fair. There was a lot of work being shown from notable artists and designers, to university student work. Starting with the *cover image, based on tempered glass, sandblast & LED backlit, Hwang Seontae’s work here made use of the lighting focus on each of the 3 images, pinpointing an area of interest with the light rays. It resembles video clips from an anime on first glance. Below are some of the other works and artists seen throughout the exhibition:


Emily Allchurch – London Babel (After Breughel) 2014



Hayoung Kim – 88% 20142HayoungK

Jenny Smith – What Is Love?3JennyS

Vanessa Smith – Injured Owl4VanessaS

Tim Hall – Varanasi Rooftops 20025TimH

Jeremy Deller – Strawberry Thief 20146JeremyD

Check out the London Art Fair‘s website for more information about the annual show, and to get more information about the artists who showcase their work during this exhibition.

*Cover Image (Edited 3 in 1 image): Hwang Seontae – 1) Afternoon 2) Siesta 3) A Studio (2014)


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