Photography Magazine Subscription


Before our travels started, we wanted to stop off and buy something to read. Looking at the range of magazines to purchase, we realised that it was time to pick a subscription, instead of purchasing every time an issue comes out. We picked up 3 different photography magazines and will go through what we found in each, and for us to find a fit-that we feel will give us useful information on a month by month basis.

Of course they are filled with which new equipment is useful for different photographers and different subjects, and there are step-by-step tutorials on how to do such things as edit the perfect picture for you. They also have special offers and competitions you can enter, which is a bonus. Below are the magazines and besides the above information, here are some other additional items that were offered:

Digital Photo


  • CD: Photo Skills – 15 Video Tutorials (90 minutes)



  • CD: 8 Must Try Tips & Techniques – 7 Videos + 1 Bonus Video
  • Book: eBook Download – “Perfect Exposure” by Michael Freeman

Digital CameraMag1

  • CD: Teach Yourself Lightroom – Software Training + Tutorials & Hands-on Test Bonus Video
  • Book: “Dictionary of Photography” Handbook
  • Tip Cards: x8 Suggestive Subject Shoots and Camera Settings (for each)
  • Snapheal Download: Editing Software
  • Buyer’s Guide: 164 page PDF

The great thing that all of these magazines have in common, so you don’t feel out of place when choosing a purchase, is the different levels they offer. Whether you are just starting out as a photographer or you have not put your camera down in over 20 years, they all cater to your level of need. You can find each magazine with a Google search and also subscribe to their magazine from each website, and get additional content and discounts.

We will let you know which one we subscribed to in March, when we get our first subscription copy.


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