Visiting Bristol, UK


Travelling to the South West of England, during winter for a business meeting was very useful on two accounts. After successfully securing a new project, we viewed a number of interesting art pieces and installations, by a range of artists at the Arnolfini. The work was very creative and well executed, from what we could see, and entry was free that day. You are allowed to take pictures of some of the art work, if you so wish to do so. But always ask to be sure because it may vary per creator.

Bristol04Ending our exploration of the Arnolfini at the shop, situated on the ground floor, we purchased some books and other related items (as mentioned in the blog post DYR: Baeutulona Foldout):Bristol03As we were situated near the docks, we took a short walk around, taking a few shots of the surrounding scenery:Bristol02This concluded our trip but the houses here were also something of a photography subject for us:

Bristol01 As time was limited, we only took a few shots (an additional photograph of seagulls can be viewed on the website). We plan to revisit this city to see more of it, hopefully sometime later this year.


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