DYR: Baetulona Foldout

curvecfd-cover-Baetulona100DesignsForHistoryThis is the “Baetulona: 100 Designs For History”, written in Catalan, Spanish and English. It presents 100 different perspectives on some of the city’s defining moments, worked on by contributing artists spanning over 50 cities:

curvecfd-d1-Baetulona100DesignsForHistoryReferring to it as a foldout comes from the nature in which the book has been published in. All of its pages attached can be pulled out to make one long page with multiple prints:

curvecfd-d2-Baetulona100DesignsForHistory It features work from a range of illustration artists. Some of the pieces of work give off a look of different art subjects-making some of the work look like graphic design or typography and not just illustration (left):

curvecfd-d3-Baetulona100DesignsForHistoryTurning the book over, at the same page, will give you the name/company of who the artwork belongs to, their city, country, their website and a description of the actual artwork in the 3 different languages (left):

curvecfd-d4-Baetulona100DesignsForHistoryThis book is very creative in its packaging and presentation, along with the overall theme of presenting 100 modern designs dedicated to the history of the city that is now known as Badalona:

curvecfd-d5-Baetulona100DesignsForHistoryThe project was created by the design studio Brothers, during the same year the city was honoured as capital of culture, in 2010. However, the links provided in the book no longer work, but if you take a quick look online you can still find related articles and artwork. Bought while travelling to Bristol, UK, it was eye catching due to its construction, and we will also be writing about that trip in the near future.

This book is comprised of 220 pages, with a hardcover and can be purchased online or in book stores.


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