HP Flatbed Scanner

HP-Flatbed-ScannerBuying a flatbed scanner is much more cost effective, if you do not need to print documents constantly. The last all-in-one we had, would never allow copying/scanning if there was low ink in the printer. Even if only the black ink was full but the colour was low, it would never go through. This HP made product is perfect for general use and it only requires a usb cable, not a power cord as previously needed for the all-in-one.

Using the nearest item in sight, to do a few test scans, below is as an example of its capabilities with an item of volume. It is an A5 notebook, around 2cm in thickness when closed so about half that size when scanned below. We also tested a thick text book because the lid is also detachable, if you would need to do so:

HP-Flatbed-Scanner2This scanner will mainly provide much more to any illustration, typography and calligraphy work done here on paper or in a book. When scanning items in, rather than taking pictures, it is much easier for us to copy into a digital redraw, for example. Taking pictures did wonders but it was much more time consuming to put the SD card into the laptop, copy the image(s) and then edit the image(s) when necessary. Now, it is just illustrate on paper then scan and save image to use, not to mention scanning important documents to and from clients, etc… is much easier also.

There are 4 buttons on the scanner and the 2 we use most are PDF and Scan. It will immediately turn whatever item is in the scanner into a PDF, rather than having to construct it yourself, and this is another time saving feature we have grown to love. So not only is the scanner operational from the buttons, but you can navigate from your PC, once you have installed it.

You can buy this HP Flatbed Scanner online at Amazon or eBay, or check your local computer stores. Always search for the piece of technology that will suit your needs or is very reliable.


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