DYR: Sunday Newspaper


In this Do You Read, there are a few features from The Sunday Times newspaper. Reading happens a lot when we are when travelling, along with the Travel Doodles we do. On Sunday, we picked up a copy of this newspaper and listed below are a few pieces we found of interest.

One of the reasons this newspaper was purchased was to read up on updated business trends. There is a feature from the insurance company we use, Domestic & General, and spoke about on this blog, October 2nd. They are listed as the number 1 private company in the Top Track 250, where they have all been rated based on their mid-market growth in sales:

Oct16-3Oct16-4Included with the newspaper are some magazines included and they contain some art related articles. Such articles from October 12th included the soon-to-be hosted work of Edward Steichen and Vivian Sassen, who worked a century apart, at The Photograhers’ Gallery in London:

Oct16-1There is also an advertisement for an Art Fund card that you can purchase from £42.75, called the National Art Pass. This allows the holder half-price on major exhibits and access to 200 museums and galleries around the UK:

Oct16-2If you do not want to buy the Broadsheet, you can always go to The Sunday Times website and read articles. There is also the option to purchase the full or selected packs from juts £1. This can be done from a computer or a tablet, which they also have an app for, available on smartphones and tablets.


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