Insure Your Stuff

Insure-Your-StuffOur camera insurance is up for renewal so we thought we would share a few quick tips for insuring your technology. You most likely are already aware that expensive stuff like laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras are coveted items but they can also be damaged, sometimes by the simplest of things. Our reason for insuring is mainly because if it breaks, we will have to spend additional £££ on a replacement, even though we do have back-up cameras.

In some cases, waiting for a replacement model/cheque from the insurance company can take time, but you will still be way better off if it is insured in the first place. There are a lot of different types of insurance, so make sure that your specified equipment is definitely covered for any of the instances you may find yourself in. There is nothing worse than having paid for insurance, only to have the company point out that the item is not qualified for the insurance payout of the circumstances you are in, for such reasons being:

  • The policy you have does not cover, for example, loss overseas (when it was an option you did not want at the time/ask to be added)
  • The policy ended (some companies do not notify you of this)
  • The duration of, for example, accidental damage cover (this can be only a few months of cover, during the year-long policy)
  • The payments had stopped (no fault to anyone in particular/computer error)

Check, check and check again, just to be sure that everything will be secure if equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.


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