Visiting Liverpool, UK


We were called to a meeting, last minute, to discuss some future design work recently. Liverpool is a train journey away and we made it there with time to spare. After we had finished up in the meeting, we realised that we had some free time before our train arrived. So, we decided to use this opportunity to see a few of the sights Liverpool has to offer, and we came prepared with. First, we stopped off at the Walker Art Gallery:


This gallery was showcasing statue, sculptures, paintings and many more creations, each from a different era in history. We then moved on to 5 floors of the World Museum, located at a very short walk away from the Walker Art Gallery. This museum had a Pterodactyl suspended above the first floor and also a large statue of masks upon entry:


And finally, before we departed, we took in what we could of the available city’s landscape. Walking throughout some of the different streets, managing to capture buildings, people and the flowing transport:



We plan to travel back there, to really take a look at what more Liverpool has to offer. There was a lot to take in from both the gallery and the museum so we have summarised what they have to offer but for more information, visit: Walker Art GalleryWorld Museum.

Keep a look out for related travel posts and other updates.


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